BioSYS 2- Enrolled Students


  • Ana Marques – Neuropsychiatric disease clustering in families with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD): genetic, epigenetic and environmental issues., Supervisor – Astride Vicente (FCUL), Co-supervisor – Luísa Romão (FCUL)


  • André Lamúrias – Development of a Text Mining Approach to Disease Network Discovery, Supervisor – Francisco Couto (FCUL), Co-supervisor – Luka Clarke (FCUL)


  • Andreia Henriques – Regulation of glucose uptake in mammalian cells by protein phosphorylation networks, Supervisor – Peter Jordan, Co-supr – Luka Clarke (FCUL)


  • Joana Silva – Analysis of the translatome by ribosome profiling in colorectal cancer, Supervisor – Luísa Romão (FCUL), Co-supervisor – Augusto Luchessi (Univ. de Campinas) *


  • João Santos – Nucleotide signalling in the regulation of CFTR trafficking and function, Supervisor – Carlos Farinha (FCUL), Co-supervisor – Manuela Zaccolo (Univ. de Oxford) *


  • Luís Sousa – Role of CFTR in epithelial differentiation by functional genomics, Supervisor – Margarida Amaral (FCUL), Co-supervisor – Marc Chanson (Univ Geneva) *


  • Niccolò Rossi – IdentifIcation and characterization of the cause of lipid metabolism disruption in patients with severe and unexplained familial dyslipidaemia, Supervisor – Mafalda Bourbon (FCUL), Co-supervisor – Cesar Martin (Univ País Vasco) *


  • Nuno Domingues – sncRNA regulatory networks in T cell activation and viral response, Supervisor – Margarida Gama-Carvalho (FCUL), Co-supervisor – Francisco Pinto (FCUL)


  • Rui João Loureiro – The aggregation mechanism of β2-microglobulin in amyloid disease investigated through molecular simulations, Supervisor – Patrícia Faísca (FCUL), Co-supervisor – Eugene Shakhnovich (Univ Harvard) *


  • Rute Teixeira – The role of sorting nexins and binding phosphoinositides in metabolite (ex)changes in tip growing cells., Supervisor – Rui Malhó (FCUL), Co-supervisor – Patrick Moreau (Univ Bordeaux) *


  • Samina Kausar – An integrated systems approach to identify receptor and ion-channel binding networks in the Human brain, Supervisor – André Falcão (FCUL), Co-supervisor – Rita Mendes (Fac Farmácia – ULisboa)


*International / mixed scholarships