BioSYS 4- Enrolled Students


  • Ana Rita Mendes Cavaco – Lipid signaling in grapevine resistance against fungal pathogens, Supervisor – Andreia Figueiredo (FCUL), Co-supervisor – Ana Rita Matos (FCUL)


  • Filipa Simões – Functional characterization of complexes regulating chloride and mucus transport and their significance in disease, Supervisor – Karl Kunzelmann, Co-supervisor – Margarida Amaral (FCUL) *


  • Flávio Soares – Functional analysis of VviPAT6 and orthologous SlGRAS10: role in non-climacteric and climacteric fruit ripening, Supervisor – Ana Margarida Fortes (FCUL), Co-supervisor – Serge Delrot *


  • Gonçalo Nogueira – The interplay between the mechanisms of PTC definition, mRNA translation, and NMD, Supervisor – Luísa Romão (FCUL), Co-supervisor – Francisco Pinto (FCUL)


  • Identification of biotechnological potential on genomic nonfunctionalized orthologs elements, Supervisor – Ricardo Dias (FCUL), Co-supervisor – Christopher Henry *


  • Joana Vilela – Regulatory RNAs in Autism Spectrum Disorder – modulation of genomic variant effects on clinical phenotype and brain structure and function, Supervisor – Astrid Moura Vicente (FCUL), Co-supervisor – Guiomar Oliveira (U Coimbra)


  • Lúcia Santos – CFTR orphan mutations in Cystic Fibrosis – towards a detailed understanding of disease mechanisms, Supervisor – Carlos M Farinha (FCUL), Co-supervisor – Patrick T Harrison *


  • Mariana Pinhão – What are the determinants of human genetic individuality?, Supervisor – Francisco Couto (FCUL), Co-supervisor – Margarida Gama-Carvalho (FCUL)


  • Pedro Correia – Feeding 10 Billion: building upon plant systems biology to understand grain productivity in a warming climate, Supervisor – Jorge Marques da Silva (FCUL), Co-supervisor – Elizabete Carmo-Silva


  • Rafael Graça – Functional genomics in familial dyslipidaemia, Supervisor – Mafalda Bourbon (FCUL), Co-supervisor – Rainer Pepperkok (EMBL) *


  • Systems-wide Identification of Cystic Fibrosis Disease Map, Supervisor – André Falcão (FCUL), Co-supervisor – Margarida Amaral (FCUL) and Alexander Mazein *


* International / mixed scholarships